Monday, 12 June 2017

Cohort 2 ICT Team Hit the Ground Running

Following in the footsteps of the last cohort and taking on board all the useful advice left in their handover, the new IT team has been formed. Headed up by Aristide Yameogo and Chanel Bradford, we have prepared and delivered our first few IT lessons. We started with a quick revision and refresher session of what the last cohort covered, spot testing our students on Microsoft Word, how to save folders, create tables and insert pictures.

We then made a quick plan of what we would aim to complete over the duration of our placement,focusing this time largely on Facebook, ensuring the associations develop a good understanding of how to use Social Media to promote their business and activities. We have planned a total of 8 sessions which consist of 1 hour revision and 1 hour of teaching new skills, giving the associations the chance to play around with Facebook and to become familiar with its settings.
Today, Monday 8th,  myself and Aziz showed the students how to set up their own Facebook profile, how to log in as well as covering what each icon does e.g. the instant messaging feature, the newsfeed and the homepage. We kept this simple so as not to overload our students, clicking on each icon and walking them through step by step what each one meant and what it does when they click on it.  Chanel created a quick handout with these icons drawn up as a visual aid, to help the students to understand and follow what was being taught.

                                   Facebook Account for Madame Guissou, one of our students

Furthermore, we also set up a business page for our disabled woman’s association, Tegawende (Association Féminine des handicapés physiques). There was a bit of confusion with one of the students as she was worried about the page and her personal Facebook account becoming mixed up but we reassured her that this would not happen as both accounts were seperate. We showed her how to post a status and how to upload a photo which she was then able to complete and update immediately. Since she finished this quickly, we also taught her how to activate instant chat to be able to communicate over the internet with friends that were connected.

                                             Facebook page for all of our associations

We feel that the IT lessons are really beneficial so far, receiving very positive feedback off our students however we would say that the lessons would have to be modified if the volunteers were teaching someone that was illiterate. We have not yet had a student in the class that cannot read and write.

Written by Aristide Yameogo and Chanel Bradford


Comme l’a fait la première cohort, nous continuons dans cette lance à travers une de ce qu’ils ont fait sur comment travailler sur Microsoft Word, comment enregistrer un dossier et comment insérer une image, créer un tableau.

Donc, nous avons fait un plan pour notre session pour nous assurer qu’ils comprennent bien facebook pour la promotion de leurs affaires. Nous avons programmé 8 sessions qui consistent à faire 1h de revision et 1h de cours.
Aujourd’hui Aziz et moi avons appris aux élèves comment créer un compte sur facebook, comment se connecter ainsi bien que l’usage des différentes icones. Nous avons simplement cliqué sur chaque icones en les montrant leurs utilités.

                                 Compte Facebook pour Madame Guissou, une de nos élèves

Nous avons créés une page de business pour l’Association Féminine des handicapés physiques, Tegawende. Il y ‘avait une petite confusion avec une des élèves parce qu’elle était un peu embrouillée du fait que la  page est dans son compte personnel facebook. Nous l’avons expliqu é que la page est separée de son compte. Elle a compris après l’explication et nous les avons montrés comment  écrire un status et publier une photo. Ils en ont trouvé facile et donc nous les avons appris comment chater en ligne avec leurs amis.

                                             Page Facebook pour tous nos associations

Nous avons constaté réellement que les cours en informatique sont très bénéfiques pour nos associations et ils nous ont déjà donné du feedback très positif mais dans le futur, il faut que nous réfléchissions à comment mieux modifier nos cours pour des élèves qui sont analphabètes.

Ecrit par Aristide Yameogo et Chanel Bradford 

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